Low intensity current construction works

LLC RECK offers communication, low intensity current and lighting construction works, designing, construction and servicing of telecommunication networks. Experience accumulated over the years, excellent management as well as outstanding command of existing technologies and materials has permitted LLC RECK to implement large-scale communication, low intensity current and lighting works. The company is providing consultations and will help to choose the most appropriate solution as well as will offer support in project implementation by training the customer’s staff.

By constantly perfecting and expanding the experience of the company’s staff and the machinery fleet as well as by expanding the range of suppliers of quality materials the company is able to ensure implementation of projects of any size and complexity.

The company has implemented several projects for local governments for reduction of hothouse effect gas emissions in the lighting infrastructure that are funded by the European Union by installing LED lighting. Our employees have also installed the SmarTrunk II systems (transponders) with a different number of channels, equipped state administration institutions with MOTOROLA radio stations.


  • construction and designing of optical cable lines;
  • assembly of optical cables and their couplings, performance and verification of photo-electrical measurements;
  • assembly of optical overhead cables (OPGW and ADSS) in power transmission lines;
  • construction of optical land cable line tracks by employing all available technologies, including construction of cable lines by using a vibrating plough;
  • telecommunication network reconstruction, installation of communication containers/centrals, payphones;
  • designing, production and installation of metal structures (communication towers and masts, communication containers/centrals, surveillance towers and other kinds of specific metal structures supporting the communication systems);
  • construction and designing of security and fire extinguishing systems;
  • designing and assembly of emergency notification systems;
  • construction of lightning protection and grounding circuit;
  • construction and designing of video surveillance systems;
  • designing and construction of alarm systems;
  • designing and construction of telecommunication networks in premises;
  • GSM system assembly;
  • construction and designing of construction lighting and power networks;
  • construction of external lighting of streets and territories, their adjustment, reconstruction and designing;
  • performance of lighting measurements;
  • provision for legal activities related to the land and other real property ownership issues.

New radio towers and related infrastructure project development and construction in Valka, Dagda, Ogre

Implementation of the project 2013 - 2014

Optical network infrastructure design and construction works in the Latgale planning region within the scope of the European Regional Development Fund project "Development of the Next-Generation Electronic Communications Networks in Rural Areas "

Implementation of the project 2013-2014

Arrangement of the “Vestiena” base station of LLC “Latvijas mobilais telefons” (LMT) in Riga, Vestienas iela 6a

Implementation of the project in 2012

Replacement of contact network supports on the Daugavpils tram line section of 18. novembra iela from Vienības iela to Valkas iela

Implementation of the project in 2014

External and internal electrical supply and lighting network construction works at Jelgava Technical College

Implementation of the project in 2014

Reconstruction of the current lighting equipment and construction of new lighting at Lucavsala Recreation Area in Riga

Implementation of the project in 2012