Horizontal drill

LLC RECK offers engineering and communication works by using the underground drilling technology equipment. It is especially suitable for works in complicated environmental conditions, moreover it will minimise the costs of construction of communications. Not only the drilling technology provides the opportunity for the workers to perform the work more conveniently and effectively, but also it is more environmentally friendly because the surrounding infrastructure, including asphalt and tree roots, is not damaged.

Wermer underground drilling technology is intended for the engineering and communication network development works. It may be used in construction of underground communications, including water pipes, gas pipes and telecommunications. As long as this technology may be used in the areas, access to which has been encumbered so far, construction of communications will now be possible under the river or near a marsh as well.

Wermer 36×50 underground communication laying by a horizontally-driven drilling method is a computerised system, for using which the employees of LLC RECK have undergone a special training course that permits controlling the respective machinery.

By using this method, it is possible to drill 25 m deep, in 0.5- 1 m diameter and in the distance of 400 m. It is drilling and laying the pipe at the same time.

LLC RECK is offering the drilling technology also as an individual service to other builders by providing for servicing and specially trained and qualified staff.

Railway track crossing near Brasa station during the laying of a 330kVcable

Traffic way crossing using thrust boring method during the laying of an optic cable line in the town of Viļaka