LLC RECK offers its customers services in the engineering network designing area. Certified employees of the company will find the most suitable solutions for each customer and will guarantee high quality of the projects.

Designing areas:

  • Transformer substations and distribution points up to 35 kV;
  • Electrical part of cogeneration stations;
  • Power transmission lines up to 35 kV;
  • Internal power supply networks;
  • Lightning protection and excess voltage protection structures;
  • Fire extinguishing and security alarm systems;
  • Project management and supervision.


The most important implemented projects:

  • 20 and 0.4 kV PTL reconstruction at TP-7302 F-5, Zaļās zemes iela, Skrīveri, Skrīveru Municipality.
  • Lighting reconstruction in Dārziņi, Riga (Dārziņu iela from line 61 to Cidoniju iela, Jāņogu iela from Taisnā iela to Cidoniju iela, line 14 from Jāņogu iela to Daugavmalas iela up to the control closet T-4155 (at the crossing of Sakņu iela and Cidoniju iela), Cidoniju iela from Jāņogu iela to Maskavas iela, Sakņu iela from Taisnā iela to the control closet T-4155.
  • FP-74 reconstruction in Riga, near Lomonosova iela No. 12.
  • Development of the electricity and heat generation equipment connection arrangement external power network project, Celtnieku iela 3, Olaine, Olaines Municipality.
  • Container-type gas cogeneration station at the multi-functional hall Arēna Rīga, Skanstes iela 21, Riga.
  • Renovation of 0.4 kV power transmission line A-T-Z-8128-1, Ķīšupe 2, Saulkrastu Municipality.
  • 20 and 0.4 kV PTL reconstruction at TP-7836 F-9, Daiļrade, Pļaviņas, Pļaviņu Municipality.
  • Wind power station Oši K and Ošlejas 20 kV accounting reconstruction, Vārves Civil Parish, Ventspils Municipality.
  • Arranging the power supply connection at Maztīsas, Ogresgala Civil Parish, Ogres Municipality.
  • Z-51-01; 03 reconstruction in Kāpu iela and Stūrmaņu iela, Jūrmala.